5 Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts made on the Lathe – Part 2


Wooden Pens and Pencils


An excellent gift for a student or someone who works in an office is a pen and or pencil.  There is a wide variety of styles and models you can make starting by purchasing a Pen Making Starter Kit that gives you not only the pen parts and instructions, but it also includes the drill bit and mandrel you need to make a particular style of pen and all the other necessary components.  You can make a pen with unique woods and unique shapes that will be a truly personalized gift for someone in your life.  For more information on pen turning check out this link; http://www.ghwg.ca/techniques/Making_Pens.pdf .


Ring Stand


Anyone who removes their rings at night needs a place to put them so that they don’t become lost. You can’t ask for a more beautiful storage location than an Ring stand turned by yourself.  The can be made in various sizes and styles to meet the needs and tastes of many.  This is a truly elegant addition to any ladies’ dresser.  For additional information, please check out http://www.woodturningonline.com/Turning/Turning_projects.php?catid=75.


Turned Napkin Rings


Napkin Rings are a nice addition to any dinner table, whether it is formal or a more casual setting.  You can make them easily and in quantities to give everyone a set under the Christmas Tree.  For additional information of turning Napkin Rings can be found at http://www.woodturningonline.com/Turning/Turning_projects.php?catid=55.


Spinning Tops


A fun Christmas gift for the children or simply the young at heart is a spinning top made on the lathe. A somewhat more challenging project that some, these tops can be fun to make and provide hours of fascination for the recipients.  You can make a large variety and never make two the same.  Check out this site for some unique tops and tips on making spinning tops; http://www.proserpinewoodturners.com/MakingSpinningTops.html



Turned Boxes


One of my favorite Christmas gift ideas are round boxes made on the lathe.  These can be made in a variety of sizes with a variety of detailing and using just about any kind of wood.  The small ones can hide treasures like jewellery and the large ones can hold snacks or just about anything the imagination can come up with to put inside.  One of the best sources of instruction and inspiration for turning boxes can be found the book entitled Turning Boxes with Richard Raffan.  If you would like some additional information on turning boxes, take a look at this site for inspiration:http://www.woodcentral.com/cgi-bin/readarticle.pl?dir=turning&file=articles_254.shtml.


Christmas Ornaments

Sometimes the best gift at Christmas is that of a Christmas ornament to commorate the year of the special visit with frieds or family.  Ornaments made of wood can be turned, carved or scrollsawed to name just a few methods.  They can be simple or complex. But no matter how they are made, when they are unpacked from storage and hung on the tree every year, that special memory of receiving a special gift is always there year after year. A couple of source for ideas or plans for Christmas ornaments can be found at:



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