Electric planers are used for planing and planing logs, boards, planks, and can also be used for planing boards, floors, etc.
The cutters of electric planers are planing knives 100 and 60 mm long with single-sided sharpening.
In the production practice the planer ERB differs from planers RSH by the device of the motor and the working part.
Planer ЭРБ ЮО is equipped with usual electric motor consisting of outer stationary stator and inner rotating rotor; cutting blades of planer ЭРБ-10) are fixed on a special knife roller driven in rotation with the help of reducer made of several gears.
The small diameter of the knife shaft allows only two cutting knives to be mounted on it.
In RSH planers, the rotating rotor is in the form of a hollow cylinder and is placed outside in place of the stator, and the stationary stator is placed inside. The cutting blades in this case are mounted directly on the rotor, the diameter of which is large enough to accommodate four blades. Such a device makes it possible to do without a gearbox and a knife shaft, which simplifies the construction of the planer and makes it more durable and enduring, and the presence of four knives instead of two makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of turns of the working part of the planer.
The thickness of the removed shavings in general does not exceed 2 .”.and depends on the species planed wood. For soft species it can be1 brought to the limit, i.e. 2, and for hard (oak, birch, maple) should be no more than 0.5-1 mm. If the release of the blades for the planer panel is more than this limit, the planer will quickly overheat and its motor may burn out.
Planers RSSh-100 and ERB have four legs in the upper part of the body, serving to put the non-working planer on them, as well as for fixing the planer to the workbench; when using the planer as a machine tool, it should be kept in mind that such use of the electric planer is not profitable and therefore can be allowed only when processing a large number of similar parts, which weight should not be more than the weight of the planer itself.
Planer RSSh-60 has no legs on the body.
Planing knives of the planer should be carefully balanced with each other on a special balancing device. Unequal weight of the blades or unequal weight of the ends of the same blade causes shaking and loosening of the planer parts, which worsens the quality of work and, in addition, usually leads to damage of the planer.