The following rules should be observed when using power tools.
a) Do not use power tools without knowledge of the tool, its operation and safety requirements.
b) Do not use the tool for work for which it is not suitable.
c) Check that the power tool and power supply cords are in good working order before starting work.
d) To check that the tool is correctly assembled, first disconnect it from the power supply if the tool is connected to it. Then make sure that the cutting tool is firmly and correctly fastened. Next, slowly turn the work shaft with the cutting tool by hand to make sure that it rotates easily and smoothly. If it is too tight or has any other faults, the tool must be handed over to the fitter for correction.
e) Checking the readiness of the tool for work is done by plugging it in and letting it idle for a short time. The motor should not hum and the cutting tool should rotate in the working direction without vibrations.
f) When the tool is put aside during a break, it must always be turned off and put down so that it is not resting on the workbench with the cutters. It is not permitted to leave a power tool unattended, even if it is switched off, but not unplugged.
g) Starting work, turn on the motor, let the cutting tool rotate to full speed and then feed the tool to the bar to be worked in a calm and smooth motion without increased pressure, without jerking and without distortion. If the tool begins to jam in the wood and the rotation stops or slows sharply, you should take the tool away from the workpiece, wait until it reaches full RPM, and then continue machining. Repeated repetition of this phenomenon is an indication that the tool is malfunctioning.
a) Care must be taken to ensure that there are no nails or other metal objects in the workpiece.
i) Make sure that the supply cord is not twisted, knotted or pinched. Do not use a cord with damaged insulation.
j) The body of the tool must be grounded, i.e. connected to earth with a special wire while it is energized.
k) When work is complete, the power tool must be turned off, disconnected from the mains, cleaned of sawdust or shavings and wiped down with a cloth. The power tools must be stored in special boxes.